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the PbeM Fantasy Strategy Game
achtungI have designed a banner for the game. So if anybody of you is planing to make some advertisement for this game somewhere you can use it :)
atl banner

achtungAtlantis is currently on hiatus. I can not say when I will restart a new game. I'll have to redesign and rewrite the managing software, since my old linux box I had used to run the game has joined the corps invisible. I'll announce any new game in the usual places.

achtungMany thanks to Daniel Hadson for providing a new intermediate player guide. The guide can be accessed by the menu to the left or this link

achtungArno's Atlantis v4 has started, we had only 28 players in the first turn, but with the third turn we're approaching the 100. The map has a size of 56x56 provinces with a water/land ratio of 55%/45%.

old GM-messages

Atlantis is a free open-ended multi-player computer moderated strategic fantasy game for any number of players. It is played via email. The game world is populated by many races and monsters. Players may attempt to carve out huge empires, become master magicians, intrepid explorers, rich traders or any other career that comes to mind and interact with other players in trade, war and alliances. There is no declared winner of the game; players set their own objectives, and one can join at any time.

Russell Wallace developed the initial version and ran the first game, Atlantis 1.0 in 1993. Geoff Dunbar continued the legacy, first with the extensive playtest of Atlantis 2.0, and then the commercial game Atlantis 3.0. Atlantis 4.0 was created by Geoff Dunbar. AtlantisDev was formed sometime after that and Joseph Traub became the maintainer of the code. Atlantis 4.0 was later expanded on by various contributors from the AtlantisDev group. The new maintainer of the code is Azthar Septragen.

I am running the game with the Standard 4.0.10k source with slightly modified ruleset. The exact modifications are for the player to explore. The game is open ended and I hope the modifications add to the long term playing motivation. Gameturns will be run once a week every Sunday with a deadline at 20:00 MET.

If you are interested in participating in the game have a look into the Register and Rules section of this page, there you find informations about game techniques. In the Forum and the Times archive you will find some informations about what is going on in this particular world. It is worth a look before you join and before you choose a starting city.

Players of the following nations participate at the moment or have participated in the past in this game:

Commonwealth of Australia Republic of Austria Kingdom of Belgium Republic of Bulgaria Federative Republic of Brazil Canada Kingdom of Denmark The French Republic Federal Republic of Germany Republic of Hungary Italian Republic Japan
Republic of Latvia The Kingdom of the Netherlands Romania Russian Federation Kingdom of Spain Kingdom of Sweden Swiss Confederation United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States of America

If your flag is not yet added to this list, please send me a mail and I will add the flag as soon as possible. For further informations about the countries the flags link to the respective wikipedia article.

atl banner

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