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the PbeM Fantasy Strategy Game

As some players already have experienced, the rules generated by the Atlantis engine are not very comprehensive as far as it is concerning the detailed mechanics of the game. Some of these experiences have been very dramatic, some slightly less. For the experienced player it will be more and more of the uttermost importance to know about this game mechanics to plan and execute special tactics. But since to write an all-embracing compendium about this mechanics would be a task of a lifetime (or at least more time I have at hands :) ) I will add knowledge of this specialities as they are submitted to me by the players and researched by me in the source. Keep in mind, these descriptions can be subject to errors on my side, so before you send your precious mages, trained since the beginning of times in the magic arts, onto a highly exact timed adventure, whose success will depend on multiple special game mechanics, you should give the plan a trial with some units of lesser importance.

Contributions can be send to my personal address. I then will decide if the described effect is an special game effect, an effect already described in the normal rules or simply a bug in the engine. The first ones (obviously) will be edited by me into an article and added to this list.

Do not send any message intended to be read by me personally to the st.atlantis game address. Emails in the game-mailbox will only be processed by the game programs and only in very rare occasions be read by me in person. Mails send to the st.atlantis address not corresponding to the mail mechanics described in the Special Commands Section of the Rules will be lost without further notice.

Advanced Rules
for Arno's Atlantis 2.0.0
Based on Atlantis v5.0.0

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